Our Story

HappyPop was born when our founders experienced the great reset following the pandemic shutdown. Witnessing its impact, they realized people needed positivity, happiness, and health support more than ever before. 

As beverage-crafting enthusiasts (they also founded Koia!) they wanted to create a beverage that prioritized your well-being and energy, without unnecessary ingredients that could leave you wired or in a slump.

And so began the search for clean and functional ingredients that people could actually feel. Our blends are made with your mood in mind containing adaptogen Mucuna Pruriens (dopabean) - a precursor to dopamine, 100mg of organic caffeine for energy, and real fruit juices. The fizzy formulas help you feel happier, energized, and empowered for any quest the day or night throws your way, while tasting 

absolutely delicious. 

We like to call it energy pop!

Our mission is to promote a holistic sense of well-being and positively impact lives through our functional blends. We hope you can feel the difference too.

Who could you be at your happiest?


Consumer’s Problem

For those seeking energy and mood support, beverage options tend to include mystery ingredients or too much caffeine. As a result, you end up wired or crashing and feel worse. We sought to create a functional blend you can count on to feel better and empowered throughout the day.

Our solution

A sparkling adaptogenic beverage made with your mood in mind. Crafted with functional ingredients including adaptogen Mucuna Pruriens (dopabean) and 100mg of organic caffeine. Oh, and the blends taste delicious. Something positive we can all look forward to!

Our Mission

Positively impact individual’s lives by creating products that empower people through clean, happy, and functional ingredients.

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